On January 24 of the current year, a regional seminar on the theme «Abay murasy-ruhani kazyna» was organized at the linguistic school - gymnasium №24,  by the certified trainer of the Aktobe branch of AO «NСPC «Orleu»,master M.T.Adilkhanova.

 Director of LSHG №24 G.A.Eshmukhambetova made a welcoming speech and wished the participants of the seminar success.  During the seminar, teachers of the kazakh language and literature of the LSHG №24 S.B.Mambetrazaeva, L.A.Skak, A.B.Nurmanova, K.O.Doshniyazova demonstrated open lessons on the course "Abaevedenie" and extracurricular activities.  At the coaching of A.N.Nurtasova «Abay murasy-halyk ulagaty», the seminar participants jointly considered the role of connecting language skills in Abay’s works, exchanged experiences on the effective using of interactive teaching methods on the lessons of kazakh literature.

 Teachers of the region noted the high practical importance of today's seminar in improving skills in organizing and designing modern lessons, wished the organizers success in their work.

 «Aktobe-Orleu» expresses gratitude to the staff of the linguistic school-gymnasium №24.


                                                                     M.T. Adilkhanova

                                                              PR, SMM - specialist, master


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 On January 24 of the current year, a training seminar on the topic “Using of ICT on the lessons of art work”, organized in Aktobe branch of AO «NCPK «Orleu» by the senior lecturer of the department Bukharbaev B.K.

 The seminar was aimed at developing the professional competencies of teachers of the subject “Art work”.  During the seminar, ways of using digital computer technologies in creative work, the use of an interactive whiteboard for technical support of methods and techniques of active training, search, data processing on the Internet were examined.  The seminar allowed teachers to adapt the content of the program to their experience, apply the acquired skills in practical work.

 Seminar participants praised the importance of the seminar on the development of methodological knowledge and professional skills of teachers in teaching the subject “Art Work”.

                                                                           M.T. Adilkhanova

                                                                           PR, SMM - specialist, master


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Advanced training courses for school principals, deputy directors of educational organizations have been  completed at "Aktobe - Orleu". The aim of the courses was to increase the level of theoretical knowledge and improve practical skills.

    Classes were organized in an interactive mode, teachers exchanged work experience. Participants noted that they received motivation for continuous development and training, they expressed gratitude for the improvement of professional competencies. 

  We wish all listeners successful and fruitful work.

Куканова Ж.М.

PR, SMM -маман, магистр


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      On January 23, 2020, as a part of the discussion of the law “About the status of a teacher” an open dialogue platform on theme “Ways of effective management in ensuring the quality of education” was held in Aktobe-Orleu. The meeting was attended by the head of the department of quality assurance in education in the Aktobe region B. Kuzembaeva, the head of the department of preschool and secondary education of the region’s education department G. Myrzagalieva, directors, deputy directors for academic work of secondary educational organizations and colleges, as well as teaching staff of the institute.

  Director of the Institute, the candidate of philological sciences N.M.Abisheva emphasized that the adoption of the law imposes a great responsibility on the heads of educational institutions, both in fulfilling the requirements and in organizing proper management.

        During the event, participants discussed a wide range of issues related to improving the organization and management of the institution.


PR, SMM-specialist, master


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On January 23-24 of this year, a seminar organized by the public association «Fund for the support of paralyzed citizens of Aktobe city» and «Union of disabled people of the Aktobe region" took place in the Aktobe branch of AO «NCPK «Orleu» within the framework of the republican project «Kolzhetimdi Kazakhstan-Dostupnyi Kazakhstan».  The seminar was attended by the head of the project «Kolzhetimdi Kazakhstan-Dostupnyi Kazakhstan» in Aktobe, the winner of 100 popular projects named after the Republic of Kazakhstan, the head of «Pandus Ok»  Sh.Zhuldasbaev, the methodologist of the volunteer club D.A.R, the certified trainer-mentor of the National volunteer  systems G.Srazhova, senior lecturer of the department «Aktobe-Orleu”, certified trainer, master L.L.Otarbaeva and defectologists, psychologists, specialists in educational work of schools, colleges and objects of further education in Aktobe.

 The goal of the seminar is to train volunteers to monitor the accessibility of people with limited mobility.  During the seminar, mechanisms for providing social assistance to low-income citizens and monitoring ways in accordance with international rules were voiced.  The issues of developing and supporting civic initiatives aimed at organizing volunteer activities, monitoring the implementation of volunteer actions were also considered. Participants in the seminar mastered the mechanisms for implementing volunteer programs, projects, and thanked the organizers of the seminar.

 Aktobe-Orleu expresses gratitude to the organizer of the seminar-chairman of the public association «Center for support for paralyzed citizens of Aktobe», Baimenova Kuralay Bazarbaevna.

                                                              M.T. Adilkhanova

                                                             PR, SMM - specialist, master


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