In order to realize the Decree of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About the transition of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillic to the Latin graphics” and “The plan of activities for the phased transition of the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin graphics until 2025”,which was approved by the order of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on June 24 of this year an opening ceremony of the cabinet for holding the courses of training qualification in Latin alphabet was taken place in the Branch of JSC “National Centre of Improvement Qualifications “Orleu”.

Rakhiev Roman Rakhiuly,the chairman of the Aktobe branch of the International Society "Kazakh language", Sugirbaeva Akmaral Sagynbaykyzy,the teacher of Aktobe regional management of language development, also certified trainers of the Institute, teachers of educational institutions of the region,the students of the courses took part in the event.

N.M.Abisheva, director of the Institute, Ph.D., noted that the transition to the Latin graphics is a new milestone in the history of the Kazakh language.

The presentation of equipment and informative content of the cabinet was presented by certified trainer S.M.Shashtygarina.

She noted that the cabinet is equipped with computer office equipment, an interactive whiteboard, poster visual material,special literature on the transition to the Latin graphics.

Classes of teaching Latin graphics for teachers of the region are planned fron September of this year.

There are five certified trainers of the professorial-teaching staff who will teach Latin graphics.

We hope that the cabinet will become a favourite place for the teachers of Aktobe region.



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