The team of “Aktobe Orleu” took part in the meeting of the Political Council of the " Nur Otan " Aktobe regional branch . During the meeting, the Aktobe regional public headquarter’s work results of the candidate for the presidency of the RK KK Tokayev was summed up and proposals for the implementation of the presidential election program were considered.

The head of state K.K. Tokayev set clear objectives, where the main directions are concrete and targeted work to improve life, long-term tasks of economic development, which will lead to the main goal of the state - raising the well-being of our people.

Our goal is not only to clarify the election program, but also to actively participate in the solution of the tasks set, - said the chairman of the Aktobe region party, regional akim Ondasyn Urazalin.

All the speakers and those present, unanimously supported Akim’s proposals.

Ermekbaeva L.ZH.


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