In order to improve their professional level, the head of the department, certified trainer Davletkalieva ES, head of the laboratory Kallibekova G.O. are studied on educational courses organized by the training center Belgrade Scientific and Education Center (Belgrade, Serbia) on the topic "International cooperation in the innovation field and experience exchange", intended for teachers of secondary, technical and vocational education, leaders and teachers of the Higher School, doctoral students and undergraduates from Europe and the CIS. Participation in the courses will provide updated knowledge in the field of teaching disciplines, in organizing research in the context of the Bologna process and European research grant programs. Classes are conducted by leading professors of Serbia and Germany universities. Duration of study lasts 12 days, from June 24 to July 6, 2019. After finishing the course, participants will receive certificates from the University of Belgrade (Serbia).

N.N. Ermekova

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