That ended the 2018 - 2019 academic year! How much is done ... And done - a lot! At the end of the academic year “Aktobe - Orleu” the director of institute Abishev N.M. was invited to a ceremony of rewarding of the best teachers of year of the republic!

More than three hundred teachers were awarded letters of appreciation, certificates, awarded the title "Zhyl yzdіgі", "Mamandigim-matanyshy" and others. Every year the award ceremony is organized by the International Academy of Sciences of Pedagogy and Innovative Technologies in the person of Satenova. Sh. A, who is a partner of "Aktobe - Orleu". Also the awards ceremony are attended by representatives of the city and regional departments of education, universities, youth organizations.

Congratulations to all teachers with a great completion of the school year !!!

All - bright, emotional summer !!!


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