On May 11 of this year, according to requests from the administration of secondary schools, on the basis of the branch "Aktobe-Orleu" is begun online courses of advanced training for primary school teachers, chemistry and social educators. Teachers of the region under the guidance of experienced trainers Ph.D. Kaplieva A.K.,Davletkaliyeva E.S., senior teachers, masters Shashtygarina S.M., Rakhatova K. Zh., Nuganova A.G., Zaimoldina Zh.G., Zhubaeva Zh. O., Setkereva G.A. are set up for effective learning within the framework of cources. We wish teachers creative achievements!

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    In the Aktobe branch of JSC "NCPC "Orleu" within the framework of the republican week of environmental education "We are responsible for the future", students of advanced training courses in biology were organized an environmental hour on the topic: "I am proud of you, my native land!". The purpose of the ecological hour is the interaction of man with nature, awareness of the importance of preserving the value of the environment. The participants shared video recordings about the ecological cultures of the Wilsky, Temirsky, Mugalzharsky, Khromtausky, Baiganinsky, Shalkarsky districts, the moderator, Ph. D., Associate Professor A. K.

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      According to the plan of the branch o of JSC "NCPC "Orleu" in Aktobe region on April 28-29 of this year, an online competition "3D - MODELING -  ENGINEERING OF THE FUTURE " was organized  under the guidance of  senior teachers, masters B.Z.Asanbay, A.A. Iztleuova. School teachers, college teachers took part in the competition.  By the decision of the jury, the teachers will be awarded with diplomas for 1, 2, 3 places and victory in the nominations of the competition: "Young engineer", "Engineer-designer", "3D-researcher", "3D-Master".

      Congratulations to our colleagues with a winning in the competition!

 Diplomas for 1, 2, 3 places:


     1. Uteuliev Erzhan Baktybaevich, Musit Amandyk Kasengalievich, teachers of the Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College - 1st place

2. Baybөlek Gүln Малr Malbaarқyzy, Kazbaғanbetova Meiragul Asylkhanovna, teachers of secondary school No. 3 Alga city -1st place

3. Uli Asylbek Serikuly, teacher of secondary school - gymnasium No. 55, Aktobe - 2nd place

4. Adilgereeva Ainur Nurymgalievna, Kydyrbaeva Botagoz Zhenisovna, teacher of gymnasium No. 6 in Khromtau city -2nd place

5. Suleimenov Shoyynbek Nurdauletovich, teacher of secondary school No. 23, Aktobe - 3rd place

6. Zhumagulova Nurgul Aituganovna, Tursynbek Auniet Tursynbekkyzy, teachers of IT school-lyceum №72 named after K. Kekilbaeva Aktobe - 3rd place

7. Bizhanova Assem Asylkhanovna, teacher of secondary school No. 4, Khromtau - 3rd place

Winners in the nominations "Young Engineer", "Engineer-Designer", "3D-Researcher", "3D-Master":

1. Ayazbaev Abai Aipovich, 3D-researcher ", teacher of the Isatay Taimanov gymnasium, Khobdinsky district

2. Kurakbaev Esbol Nurbolovich, "Engineer-designer", teacher of secondary school №2, p. Badamsha

3. Ospanova Zura Kusainovna, "3D-Master", teacher of secondary school №16, Aktobe

4. Koshekova Gulzhaina Sandibaevna, "Young Engineer", teacher of the gymnasium school in Alga

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 The Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Institute of Linguistics named after A. Baitursynov and the Committee on Language Policy, the National Research and Practice Center "Til-Kazyna" named after Sh. Shayakhmetov, JSC "NCPC" Orleu "  Director of the Aktobe branch of JSC "NCPC" Orleu ", Candidate of Philological Sciences, participated in the Republican scientific-practical conference" Reform of the Kazakh script and the new alphabet ", organized by the Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences named after Y. Altynsarin.  N.M.  Abisheva, Deputy Director N.S Trnabaeva, coaches, masters S.M.Shastygarina, K.J. Rakhatova, M.T. Adilkhanova, A.S.Sugurbaeva.

The conference was held in order to present the revised draft alphabet to the general public, experts, discuss the process of implementation, explain, identify effective solutions, submitted for public discussion (Open Regulations egov.kz).  The conference provided a comparative analysis of the alphabet projects discussed in modern society and a scientific description of the labeling of the letters i and y in the new alphabet.  They also discussed the spelling of onomastic names, explained the reasons for obtaining the letters of the advanced alphabet, their use in IT technology.

A blitz-questionnaire was taken from the participants and the results were summed up.

M.T. Adilkhanova

 Methodist, master

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Trainers of the Aktobe branch of JSC "NCPC" Orleu ", masters A.K Tabynbayeva, M.T Adilkhanova at the Republican scientific-practical conference" Ungraded schools: practice and development trends " held by the branch of JSC" NCPC "Orleu" North Kazakhstan region spoke about the features and problems of the organization of the educational process in the school and shared his thoughts.

   The purpose of the online conference is to bring together effective practices of scientists and practitioners to discuss and apply innovative ideas, approaches and directions for the development of small schools.

  The Aktobe branch of JSC "NCPC" Orleu "thanks the staff of the North Kazakhstan region PK PDI for the opportunity to participate in the conference!



M.T. Adilkhanova

 Methodist, master

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