One of the priorities of the primary party organization "Kurmet" of the city branch of the party "NurOtan" is the active promotion of a healthy lifestyle. On November 23-24 this year, a basketball tournament was held among teachers and college students at the Aktobe Humanitarian Technical College, dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The competitions were aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, attracting students to regular physical education and sports, and popularizing basketball among young people. 7 teams took part in sports competitions, and this is more than 50 participants - students and teachers of colleges of the city.

 The sporting event was organized by the primary party organization "Kurmet" of the city branch of the party "NurOtan", "Аtөbe-Orleu", the Aktobe humanitarian technical college and the regional youth resource center. Participants in the sport greeted Bukharbayev B.Kh. - Member of the PPO “Kurmet” of the city branch of the “NurOtan” party, senior lecturer of “Аktobe-Orleu”, who wished all athletes to show all their skills and best qualities in the competitions. Representatives of the Department of Education of the region, the leadership of the college and others also spoke. Both gaming days passed dynamically, the struggle between the participants was persistent and interesting. The participants performed well on the site and showed a decent game.

All winners and winners were awarded with diplomas and letters of appreciation, and worthy were awarded a cash prize on behalf of the director of the Aktobe Humanitarian and Technical College Zhetpisbaeva Didar Balgabaikyzy.

 Expressing gratitude to her, we congratulate the winners and prize-winners of the competition!

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