STEAM in schools gives students the opportunity to learn creatively using the skills of the 21st century , such as communication, teamwork, critical and creative thinking. Realizing the advantages of this approach, the Vileisium school in Kaunas carries out this type of training as a basic method of teaching.

This school has a kindergarten, which is attended by children from three years and older. The delegation had the opportunity to attend the lessons of 2,4,6,8 classes and it was noticeable that all children enthusiastically work in the classroom and love to learn the basics of science.All classes in this school are integrated, STEAM-technologies are actively used at the lessons, which allows students to form key competence that is necessary for the inclusion of the younger generation in the world information space.

On behalf of our delegation, we express our deep gratitude to the head and the staff of the school "Vileisium"  for the attention and hospitality, which allowed to make the visit of our delegation impressive and fruitful. We wish your graduates to glorify your school and country!


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Адрес: г. Актобе, ул. Тургенева, дом 86


Тел.: +7(7132) 56-05-37


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