Today, the head of the laboratory of post-course support and implementation of innovations "Aktobe-Orleu" G. O. Kallibekova held an online consultation for teachers on creating content of digital educational resources.

  Teachers of educational organizations in Aktobe Reisova Zh.K., Sapargalieva E.S., Baimurzina A.B.  / Secondary school N.2 /, Imaniyazova S.S.  / Secondary school N.69 /, Zhubanysheva A.T. / Secondary school N.19 /, Nurkasynova S.M.  / Secondary school N.15 /, Simanova A.T.  / school-gymnasium N.51 /, Notanova Zh.I., Kalmurzaeva N.D.  / Secondary School N.39 / took part using the Zoom platform and received comprehensive answers to current questions.  During the event, the specifics of creating scenarios of digital educational resources were explained, which contribute to increasing students' interest in the subject through work with digital technologies.  Digital educational resources will be used by teachers in conducting classes, in preparing students for classes on their own, and as reference material.

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