Online charts is a free web-based tool for data visualization, which allows you to create various charts in your browser and use them on sites and documents.

  Useful for creating illustrations used in any field.  With its help, students can draw up an abstract or project work, and specialists and teachers can visualize a report or presentation. supports many types of charts, including bar charts, pie charts, line charts, bubble charts, and radial charts, etc.

 With you can make your own charts and graphs with simple steps:

  Appearance of the diagram.  At this step you need to choose the type of your chart.  Select, for example, a linear or column type.  If you have made your choice, you can personalize your chart with a set of different parameters that affect the appearance.

  Adding data.  At this step you need to enter data to build a chart.  First, indicate the number of data lines and the number of groups.  For example, if you want to create a bar chart “Selling apples” on a monthly basis, starting from January and ending with December 2007, you need to select 12 rows (by the number of months) and 1 group (apples).  If you also want to display the dynamics of banana sales on the chart, select the number of groups equal to 2.

  At this step, you can send your diagram by email or save it as an image to your local disk.  Registered users can also save the chart to their Personal Account so that after a while they go to the site and see or edit the saved charts.

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