On September 24 of this year, according to the plan of the Institute for Advanced Training  "Aktobe-Orleu", a webinar "Siny turgydan oilau arkyly okushylardyn oku zhetistikterin bagalau zholdaryn anyktau" was held.

  During the webinar, the issues of application in teaching practice of various techniques, methods and technologies of teaching schoolchildren in the context of the updated content of education were considered.  Particular attention is paid to the aspects of criteria-based assessment, the development of critical thinking in students and their influence on the development of value judgments in the learning process at chemistry lessons, and the achievement of educational results.

  A constructive exchange of views and work experience between teachers, mentors and young teachers took place.  A number of recommendations were proposed for the development of teaching and learning processes, planning, organizing and delivering an effective lesson.  We would like to express our gratitude to the webinar moderator Elizaveta Sultanovna Davletkaliyeva, Ph.D., head of the department "Aktobe-Orleu".

M.T. Adilkhanova

 PR, SMM- specialist, master

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