She Claim Zhetpisbayeva, senior lecturer of the Department of work experience in education for 32 years, coach for the primary grades, the master of pedagogical Sciences. She worked as the head of the department of "Innovative development and methodological support" of the Institute, head of the department.The author of more than 30 scientific and methodological articles, 1 monograph, 6 teaching aids, methodological recommendations, and under his leadership, several educational programs for improving the professional qualifications of primary school teachers have been developed. Claim Zhetpisbayeva Gypsymen lecturer with high communicative competence in communicating with the audience. Creatively works on the design and organization of the system of professional development of teachers of the region.As a result of a letter of appreciation from the Department of education of Aktobe region, diploma of JSC "CRK" Orleu, and a diploma from Aktobe branch trade Union of workers of science and education, letter of thanks MES RK.GulaiymZhetpisbayeva distinguish responsiveness, creativity, dedication to the profession.

We sincerely congratulate You, Claim Zhetpisbayeva!!!


Адрес: г. Актобе, ул. Тургенева, дом 86


Тел.: +7(7132) 56-05-37


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