The Aktobe branch of JSC "NCPC" Orleu "continues to conduct webinars with the regional education department of the Aktobe region, district education departments and methodological rooms for organizing and conducting distance learning in order to explain the main directions of the distance learning system in accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the country.

  Today, 1900 teachers, 2600 parents from Ayteke bi, Mugalzhar, Temir districts took part in the online webinar on the Youtube platform.

  The webinar program covered the following issues:

 * Requirements for the organization and conduct of distance learning in the new academic year

 * Designing a distance lesson

 * Distance learning platforms

 * How to organize home education for a child?

 * Child's workplace during distance learning 

 * The mode of rest and learning of the child during distance learning

 * The rules children need to keep their parents safe online

 * How to stimulate a child to work and learn independently

 * The educational process in remote rural schools with a low content of epidemiological well-being

 * At the request of parents, duty classes in primary school (grades 1-4), etc.

  Deputy Director of "Aktobe-Orleu", Ph.D.  Aimukatov A.T., senior lecturer of the department, master of Rakhatova K. Zh., Methodologists of Aktobe ORPC Zhalgas N.Zh., master of Iskendirova A.A.  gave concrete answers to the questions asked by teachers and parents.

  "Aktobe-Orleu" thanks the teachers and parents of Aiteke bi, Mugalzhar, Temir districts, all participants of the webinar for their cooperation.

M.T. Adilkhanova

 PR, SMM- specialist, master

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On August 17," Aktobe-Orleu " started training courses for primary school teachers in the framework of updating the content of secondary education in an online format. The course is held on the platform ZOOM under the guidance of certified trainers - masters S. M. Castigating, the Cyclic K. W, Nuhanovic A. G, Zimeldine J. G, J. O. Tubeway. During the course, teachers will improve their knowledge within the updated content of education, hone their skills, and improve their qualifications.

During the course, students are taught in an online format via the ZOOM platform, and teachers also use email, WHATSAPP, and Google drive devices for feedback. We wish success to the coaches and students of the courses!!!

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Today, within the framework of the republican august pedagogical conference of educational workers of JSC "NCPC” Orleu ", a plenary part and section meetings were held in the online format on the topic:" Professional development of teachers in a distance format: state, problems, prospects "

  A welcoming speech was made by the moderator of the plenary part, Chairman of the Board of JSC "NCPC" Orleu " Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan G.K Akhmetova, who wished the participants success and spoke, highlighting the huge work in the system of professional development of teachers in  conditions of distance learning.  In her speech, the speaker spoke in detail about the significant results achieved and indicators of the development of distance learning in the system of advanced training.

  The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, heads of branches of JSC "NCPC" Orleu ", regional education departments,  Almaty, Astana and Shymkent, institutions of additional education, directors and teachers of the practice of educational organizations.

  The work of the plenary part was continued by the sectional work.

  At the sessions of the section, issues of management of distance education, features of preschool education and training in the conditions of a distance learning format, the structure and methods of organizing distance learning classes, inclusive learning in distance mode: problems, solutions, etc. were discussed.

  Following the meeting of the section, recommendations were developed and adopted.

  The big forum ended with congratulations to all teachers and students of our country on the beginning of the new academic year !!!  We wish you professional success and fruitful work !!!

M.T. Adilkhanova

 PR, SMM- specialist, master

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In accordance with the plan of the Institute, a workshop for primary school teachers on the ZOOM platform was held at the request of students as part of updating the content of secondary education on THE topic "Criteria – based assessment of educational achievements-a means of motivating educational activities".

 The speaker of the seminar, certified trainer A. G. Nuganova introduced the participants to the parameters of the assumption of the levels of criteria assessment of educational achievements and the advantages of creating tasks for the formation of assessments, based on the features of the taxonomy of educational achievements. In the practical part of the seminar, the participants, United in several groups, shared their skills in the methods of assumption and criteria for the level of formative assessment, and work was carried out to compile descriptors for tasks on formative and summative assessment in primary classes. 

The participants of the seminar got acquainted with the criteria for evaluating the achievements of planned results in accordance with the SES, the use of methods of criteria-based assessment in educational subjects.

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According to the plan of the Institute, as part of updating the content of secondary education, a workshop on the ZOOM platform on "Effective methods and techniques of teaching and learning"was held at the request of primary school students.

The speaker of the seminar, certified trainer G. G. Zaimoldina shared her experience in developing tasks aimed at developing the professional competence of primary school teachers, effective use of active teaching methods and techniques. In the practical part of the seminar, students were grouped into several groups that shared their experience of using active methods and techniques in primary school lessons. The seminar ended with the reflection "Effective approach".

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